Review: Heroic Maps

faewood loftIf you are an RPGer, then you know that the one thing you can never seem to have enough of is maps, especially maps sized for use with miniatures. Today’s RPGs are big on tactical situations, and many practically require the use of minis in order to better visualize the lay of things. But quality maps sized for miniatures are expensive.

Well, not anymore. Heroic Maps has dozens (literally) of beautiful, full-color maps of a variety of locations, all at a price that fits a working GM’s wallet. Whether you want a simple dungeon, a wintry landscape, or an entire drow city, Heroic Maps has you covered! They even have bundle packs that let you pick up several similar sets at a reduced price!

But let’s say that you have a dungeon of your own design that you need scaled to miniatures. Not a problem! Grab the modular dungeon set and get to creating! There’s also modular cavesmodular town, and modular sewer sets. And of course, these can be used with virtual tabletop programs like Fantasy Grounds or Roll20, as well.

Most of the sets contain a full set of maps, in both gridded and ungridded formats, scaleable to 25mm and 28mm sizes, as well as a PDF version. I’ve used them for Pathfinder, D&D 5th edition, and a variety of other systems to great effect. As a bonus, they can be used for Hero Quest, if you are so inclined.

I’ve spent probably close to $200 on my collection, and there are still sets that I want, and they produce a new set an average of once a week! I highly recommend this accessory for anyone who uses miniatures or VTT in their games.

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