Cat Lord and the Justice Brigade

Long ago (about 36 years, to be approximate), I was a young lad of just 15 and was greatly enamored with role-playing games. I loved Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, but inevitably I started looking at other games, and one that caught my eye almost immediately was Villains & Vigilantes, a super-hero role-playing game. V&V  was very much like the AD&D that I knew, but different in that it was set in the modern world and instead of playing a burly fighter, shifty thief, or sly magic-user, you played a super-hero. And not just any super-hero; you played yourself!

The idea was that you created a hero that was based on you, the player. It was an idealized version of you with super-powers, but still, for a kid looking for escapism, this called to me! So was born Cat Lord, chosen as the avatar of Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess, endowed with feline strength and agility, night vision, and the ability to command cats of all types and sizes. Add a homemade set of Wolverine-style claws, and there you go, the hero I always knew that I could be.

For the next several years, the team of Cat Lord and his best friend, the Masked Marvel, would fight crime in and around the Gulf Coast of Mississippi (which always seemed to be where the action was, for some inexplicable reason). It was about 5 years later that I got married and left for California. But though the campaign went on hold (by necessity; the Internet had not yet become public knowledge), it never really died. Cat Lord and Masked Marvel and now, Purple Heart (Cat Lord’s wife, though this was not public knowledge) lived on in our imaginations. We continued to update the campaign as time progressed, until the present day.

In recent years, Cat Lord has grown older and has slowed down a lot (he is 51 years old, after all). It was time to pass the mantle on to another, younger hero, more capable of taking the fight to evil. But while you can take the powers of the hero (which Bast did), you can’t take his drive. John, that is I, continue to help from behind the scenes, serving as the mentor and financial backer to a new generation of young heroes: The Justice Brigade!

NOTE: These represent a “first-pass” at the rules and will probably change, in some cases significantly. I’ve already spotted a few minor errors. And yes, I am aware that Cougar violates his damage cap, but it’s only by a point or two and I decided to fudge it.

Black Lotus Boiling Point Cat Lord Cougar
Elastic Lass Ghost Hellspawn John Grigsby
Liberteen Phantom Knight Yeoman Aleeya