Jenneria Gazetteer

Jenneria’s proper name is Pholos. It is the fourth of eight worlds in its system (the outer four being gas giants) and orbits a G5 main-sequence star. Two moons orbit the planet—one about the size of our own Luna, and the other about one-half that size. They are known by different names to different peoples. The smaller moon’s orbit is slightly faster than that of the larger, and it is not unknown for both to be new or full at the same time.

The planet is similar to our own in that it has a 24-hour rotation on its axis, and axial tilt of about 23o and a revolution period of 365 days. Days are divided into hours, each hour of which is subdivided into 60 minutes. Note that the populace rarely makes references in terms of hours or minutes, most often using terms like sunrise, midday, evening, sunset, night, or dawn. Clocks that (somewhat) accurately mark the passage of time exist but tend to be rare and expensive. Hour candles and sundials are commonplace, however

Each culture uses its own calendar system, but much of the world uses the calendar of the last great empire, which divided the year into 12 months, each 30 days long, based on the phases of the larger moon. Each month is further divided into three ten-day periods called, appropriately enough, a tenday. The remaining five days of each year are festivals; one for each season (spring, summer, fall, and winter) and a fifth day which is sacred to Moradin the Creator.

Different cultures have different names for the months and days, but most refer to them by number (e.g., 3rd week, 8th day), while months have individual names.

The Festival of Creation takes place in mid-Nurmor and commemorates the creation of the world (as defined by ancient legend) by Moradin. Festivals are days of celebration by all civilized peoples, regardless of which deity they actually worship, and are marked by grand feasts, merriment, and general mayhem. Most towns and cities hold street fairs and put on much pagentry. Local lords recognize that festivals are essential to the well-being and general morale of the people and allow them to continue, so long as things do not get out of hand.

Number Month Season
Festival of Darkness
1 Holline Winter
2 Thradine Winter
3 Caldine Winter
Festival of Rebirth
4 Wenmor Spring
5 Nurmor Spring
6 Treymor Spring
Festival of Highsun
7 Ostus Summer
8 Sentus Summer
9 Yertus Summer
Festival of Long Shadows
10 Jerik Fall
11 Gistik Fall
12 Bratik Fall