Jenneria is the name of my homebrew campaign that has existed since the days of 1st edition (about 30 years). Jenneria is a world that I originally created to house all the generic adventures that were not associated with any campaign world (hence the name). Since that time, it has blossomed into a world of its own. It has changed with the times, but I have never really put it to paper. It’s time for that to change.

The ruleset that I have chosen to use, until I find one I like more, is that of Pathfinder 1st edition, modified with pieces of D&D 3.5, Spycraft 2.0, and a few other d20 System games. I have cobbled together several different elements from these various games and brought them together in a single ruleset that I call D&D 3.75j. In these pages, I hope to outline the rules that I use and provide a little info about the world.