Tales from the Yawning Portal

Tales from the Yawning Portal is a collection of classic D&D adventures that have been converted to 5th Edition. I have strung them together into a loose campaign and am introducing my players to these classics for the first time. Their adventures will be documented here. Needless to say, there be spoilers ahead.

It started in the Yawning Portal tavern in Waterdeep. That was where they met for the very first time; the twin sisters Dominique and Harmonique, Rooc the half-orc warrior, Leeni the halfling rogue, Mircha the half-elven bard, Marla the halfling ranger, Quintillius the elven wizard, Arrock the aarakocra monk, and Sir Berndryn the dwarven cleric. Brought together by the spirit of adventure, they had heard rumors of a lost fortress called The Sunless Citadel that lay to the north, near Neverwinter. After a brief journey north, they entered the fortress to find it a battleground between kobold and goblins tribes. As they penetrated deeper, they found that it was under the control of a renegade druid and his supplicants, a paladin, and a wizard protecting something called the Gulthias Tree. The tree, created when a vampire was staked to the spot that it grew and the stake took root, bore magical fruit each midsummer and midwinter. The druid and his thralls were defeated and the tree destroyed, unfortunately, it cost the lives of the thralls.

Returning to Waterdeep, they followed the quest for adventure to a small mining town called Blasingdell near Mirabar. Blasingdell sat in about three days from a mountain called the Stone Tooth. It was rumored that the Stone Tooth housed the dwarven stronghold Khundrukar, the last known home of the legendary dwarven smith Durgeddin, whose weapons were rumored to be among the finest available. Upon gaining entry to the fortress, they discovered that it was infested with orcs and duergar, the so-called “dark dwarves.” But even more fearsome was the dragon, Nightscale, that dwelt within the depths. They defeated Nightscale, but very nearly lost their lives in the process. It was in her lair that they found a magical hammer with a strange smith’s mark.

Returning once more to Waterdeep, the group proceeded into Undermountain on a brief expedition to find some missing nobles, but this was a ruse. Instead, they found gnolls, orcs, gargoyles, and a chain demon that guarded a magical blade as black as night (and filled with stars). It was on this adventure that Aarock decided to take his leave of the group. Back in the tavern, he would be replaced by the tiefling paladin Kyvon.

Their next quest led them to the jungle of Chult in search of a magical trident said to lie within the lost city of Mezro. As they neared the city, the ground crumbled beneath them and they found themselves in a large chamber with many statuettes in dioramas depicting scenes of daily life. They moved out of the chamber and encountered a giant talking crayfish and its master, a gargantuan hermit crab. They slew the guardian, but the master was merciful and permitted them to pass despite the misunderstanding. What lies ahead for the intrepid band? Who can say?